Rocktopia Photo Gallery

Rocktopia, the incredible live concert experience that brings together the very best classic rock songs with some of history’s most intense and beloved classical music pieces, is on tour now! Get your tickets to an upcoming show here. Bring your friends and family to the show for a shared experience that you’ll be able to cherish for a long, long time.

Here you can check out some of the great photos from the Rocktopia performance in Budapest that was filmed and broadcast in the United States by PBS. The “Rocktopia Live In Budapest: A Classical Revolution” DVD, which was previously available only through PBS as a pledge reward, is now being released in retail format so even more people can marvel in the majesty of the performance. Featuring the Rocktopians, a rock band made up of incredible singers and musicians including one of the show’s co-creators, Rob Evan, along with the 65-member Orchestra of the Hungarian State Opera, the Hungarian State Opera Chorus, and the talented Jazz and More Choir, this concert film is breathtaking. While the stills here on the photo page hint at how special the show was, to truly understand it you have to see it for yourself.

If you’ve been looking for a concert that combines some of your favorite rock songs by bands like Led Zeppelin, Heart, Queen, Pink Floyd, and others, with pieces composed by Handel, Tchaikovsky, and Beethoven, Rocktopia is the only show that will scratch that itch.

Check out the rest of the Rocktopia site to find information about all of the talented people who make Rocktopia happen, ticket links for upcoming shows, information about the Rocktopia DVD, as well as some awesome videos!