Wé McDonald – Touring Artist

Wé McDonald

Wé McDonald’s star-making turn on her show-stopping blind audition on the hit NBC TV show The Voice drew national attention in 2016. It was the kind of momentous debut she had been preparing for her entire life. Singing since the age of 12, Wé attended the Harlem School for the Arts after school and on weekends, where she studied theater, piano and further cultivated her unique and righteously robust voice.

A thoughtful teenager who learned to respect and value difference at an early age, she revealed on The Voice that she experienced bullying in middle school and has become an advocate for young people facing similar challenges when impacted by bullying behavior by their peers.

Available now is her new single “Head Up High” with her debut EP scheduled for release in early 2019, featuring a diverse slate of songs written by Wé that showcase her soaring vocal presence.  A newly published children’s and young adult book author, Wé released: Make It Happen! Wé McDonald: Singer, part of the Make It Happen! series of books that help middle school students build skills to reach their own goals; and a picture book, The Little Girl with The Big Voice, written by Wé for younger children.  Wé’s captivating story as a singer and as a teenager courageously embracing her uniqueness resonates with kids as well as adults looking to expand their own understanding of themselves and the world around them.